Chui Race Village

Kenya's Most Scenic Marathon

The Chui Race Village is an ideal option if you are traveling from far for the marathon or you simply want to take the camping and self-catering logistics off your manifest. The Village provides tented accommodation for participants, warm showers, food (Saturday Late Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Breakfast and Lunch Snack).

Using temporary camps, guests are supplied with two-man tents and foam mattresses to pad the ground under the sleeping bags. The toilets and camp-style bathroom toilets are shared with other campers.

At the camps, our experienced safari cooks prepare three good meals(Saturday dinner, Sunday Breakfast and Sunday Early Lunch, just after the race). If you'd like to take this option, please select Chui Race Village alongside your event ticket during online registration on Run-Africa.Com

The pricing for Chui Race Village is Kes. 8000 for individual and Kes. 12,000 per couple. facilities provided include: Two arm chairs, lamps, two mattresses. meals include a snack on Saturday late afternoon, dinner on saturday, breakfast on sunday and lighter lunch after race.


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