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Kenya's Most Scenic Marathon

Road Transport

Shompole is about 132km from Nairobi through Magadi Township. The organizers have organized for road transport for competitors. Space is, however limited and participants are advised to secure their spots early enough. To book your return transportation please fill-in the details in your online registration form at Run-Africa.Com. Please note that participants are strongly advised to drive only 4-Wheel drive vehicles to the race due to the nature of the roads.

Getting There

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Its generally advisable to leave Nairobi early because of the rains and thus allow more time of travel. From the map, it should be generally straight-forward to Magadi, however, please note that some sections of the road were destroyed by the ongoing rains and may not have been fully repaired on the race day. You are advised to make sure that you have a 4W Drive car with good off-ground clearance.Once you hit magadi town, you will exit through the hind gate and on to the dirt road towards Shompole. After about 2km on the dirt road, there is a junction to the left. THIS IS THE JUNCTION YOU MUST NOT MISS!!.

After about 2km on the dirt road, there is a junction to the left. THIS IS THE JUNCTION YOU MUST NOT MISS!!

Turn left (away from the road to the airstrip) and onto the road towards Shompole. Once you turn left, follow this road which enters a lake section after about 5km to the road the lake section , drive through the lake section while sticking on the main course. Do not be tempted to drive off-course as you will get stuck in the Lake Salt. Once you exit the lake section, drive on for a further 4km to the small town of Oloika. Its here that the race will start.


1. Please watch out for chalk marking and/or event signage at all junctions
2. Start your journey, at the latest, Noon on Saturday
3. Aim to hit Magadi town before 4pm at the latest.
4. Take your time after magadi town and just make sure you are on the correct path.
5. There's unreliable phone network service in Shompole and you may not be able to reach any of the organizers via phone on the weekend. However, if you get lost you can text (0723-712-473) and hopefully, you will get an answer

There are three accommodation options for runners and spectators during the marathon weekend. Lodge Accommodation, Self-catering campsite and tented accommodation. Please book your accommodation option during your online entry process.


There is no alternative road to Shompole except Magadi Road

Take the Nairobi - Namanga road to the Kajiado town and turn right onto the murram road running next to the railway line. This road runs next to the Kajiado - Magadi Railway line and joins magadi road near Kamukura GSU camp, about 10km to magadi town. The murram road is in good condition and definitely a  better route than the pothole-riddled magadi road. Once you get to magadi town, directions are as described above.

Self-Catering Campsite

The campsite is equipped with water points, cold showers, and firewood and long drop loos. Competitors and spectators wishing to use the campsite are required to bring ALL camping equipment and food for the duration of their stay. The Campsite is open from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March 2016. International participants are encouraged to buy the full marathon package with add-ons suited for individual needs.This event is held in a wildlife conservancy and, therefore, space within the designated camping areas is restricted. We therefore ask for your cooperation with the camp marshals and that all campers respect their neighbors and act with consideration. Please ensure you have booked and paid for the self-catering campsite during registration to secure your camping spot.

Chui Race Village

The Chui Race Village is an ideal option if you are traveling from far for the marathon or you simply want to take the camping and self-catering logistics off your manifest. The Village provides tented accommodation for participants, warm showers, food (Saturday Late Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Breakfast and Lunch Snack), priority registration and packet pickup. If you'd like to take this option, please select Chui race Village alongside your event ticket during online registration on Run-Africa.Com


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