Volunteer Information & Registration

Volunteer Information & Registration

Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Shompole Wildlife Marathon Volunteer Program

Marathon volunteers represent the best that SWM has to offer: They’re helpful, enthusiastic, friendly, and proud of our amazing city. Fulfilling a volunteer opportunity on race day is a great way to pay it forward for your future marathon or to show your thanks for a past race. Upon registering for a volunteer role and qualification, you will receive an automatic email confirmation; you will then receive more information closer to race day.

They’re helpful, enthusiastic, friendly, and proud of our amazing city. Fulfilling a volunteer opportunity on race day is a great way to pay it forward for your future marathon or to show your thanks for a past race.

Volunteer Registration for the 2016 S.W.M is now open! Before registering, please take a moment to review the available volunteer jobs and descriptions in menu to the left of this screen.

Volunteer Roles & Duties

Marshal Shift:

Main roles involve marshaling participants to respective campsites/accommodation areas. The SWM pre-race Dinner, held at Chui Race Village on Saturday, March 19th, provides a hearty dinner the participants signed up for the various marathon packages. Volunteers at the pre-race dinner help to set the tone for Marathon Monday. They welcome the runners and their families as they carbo-load for the big day ahead of them. We depend on our pre-race dinner volunteers to keep energy high and bellies filled for the participants involved. The pre-race dinner serves about 100 participants and family members over the course of the evening. Our volunteer marshals help keep the flow in order to ensure everyone has an easy and positive dining experience. Volunteers at this assignment must be 21 years of age or older by race day.

Expected Duration: (2:00 p.m. - 6:00p.m/6:01pm - 9.30pm)
Captain: TBD

Green Team Shift

We are proud to have a green team of volunteers at our race venue. They will be responsible for waste management and disposal, volunteers help us set-up dustbins and garbage collection and disposal centres.

Expected Duration: 2:00p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Captain: TBD

On race morning, participants arrive at the start anxious and exctied for the race ahead of them. We depend on our Start/Finish volunteers to welcome our participants, support their pre-race needs, and facilitate a smooth start of the race. These volunteers are what we call "walking information booths," equipped with the necessary materials to answer an array of questions. Please note that volunteers will also assist in the cleanup of the areas to which they are assigned.  Below are the available jobs and descriptions:

Tog Bag Area

This is where athletes will leave their belongings before the start of the race and collect them afterwards. You should be able to identify each athlete and their belongings using the applicable identification mechanism

Entrance-Exit Marshals

This team monitors the entrance and exit areas of the Chui Race Village, directs and guides athletes, and restricts unofficial runners from entering the Village. Please note that all volunteers will be expected to assist with venue cleanup and breakdown.

Start/Finish Marshals

Ensure a smooth start for all the runners and ranking finishers according to event categories and age-groups. they should be able to produce the best 3 runners in each age category within 10minutes of the last finisher

The Shompole Wildlife Marathon is renowned for having one of the best courses in the world! As thus, the course is a constant source of excitement and positivity for runners, spectators, and volunteers. The athletes depend on volunteers for support, not only for fluid replacement but also for encouragement and to maintain the boundaries of the route.

Bike Escort & Spotters:

The bike escort will escort the leading athletes in all the 3 categories from start to finish; he/she should be very familiar with the course before race start. Bike spotters will remain mobile on the course and help other participants maintain the route boundaries.

Water Station/Distance Markers:

They will be responsible for placing the distance markers and manning the water stations. The distance markers indicate to the athletes the distances they have covered. Distance Marker/Water Station volunteers are known for their energy and encouraging spirit along the course. Volunteers will be taken by race vans and picked up once the runners have passed.

Medical volunteers are needed to care for our athletes at the start line, along the course and at the finish. If you are a credentialed professional please join us by registering online. Normal injuries include cuts and bruises, dehydration, heat-exhaustion e.t.c

Physicians - Finish Line:

To attend to participants who finish the race or are brought at the finish line by mobile medical units, stationed at medical area with massage therapists

Sweep Team; Medical

Mobile pairs of medical personnel; responsible for coverage of the entire race course. This team of medical personnel will bring in runners who encounter difficulties after completing the race

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